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Editorial board

The editorial board


Chairman of the editorial board:


Denisenko Viktor Vasil’evich

   Doctor of law, Professor at the Department of constitutional and administrative law.

   In 1978 he graduated from Rostov Civil Engineering Institute with a degree - Industrial and Civil Construction. In 1994 he graduated from Rostov Higher School of the RF Interior Ministry with a degree – Jurisprudence. In 1998 he defended his thesis for the degree of a candidate of juridical sciences, specialty 12.00.02 – Constitutional law, municipal law on the topic “Administrative Tort as Part of Operating Environment and Object of Organizational-legal Impact of Internal Affairs Bodies”. In 2002 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of law, specialty 12.00.14 - Administrative law, financial law, information law on the topic “The Theory of Administrative-tort Relations”.

Sphere of scientific interests:

·   administrative tort;

·   administrative- tort legislation;

·   administrative-tort legal relations;

·   administrative responsibility;

·   administrative process;

·   public administration.

   Denisenko V. V. has more than 125 scientific and methodical publications. In accordance with the curriculum, Denisenko V. V. exercisesacademic advising of adjuncts, post-graduate students and degree-seeking students.

   For the faithful performance of service duty and high levels of performance he is awarded the medal “For Distinguished Service in Protection of Public Order”, medals “For Distinguished Service” of 1, 2, 3 degrees, lapel badges of the RF MIA.
















Members of the editorial board:


Kositsin Igor Alekseevich

   Honored Worker of Education in Omsk region from 23.01.2013, c.j.s. (PhD of jurisprudence), Associate professor, director of  non-state educational institution of secondary vocational education “Omsk Law College”, Omsk


Shhukina Tatyana Vladimirovna 

   Doctor of law, Associate professor, head of the Department of civil law and process at branch of the non-state educational institution of higher vocational education “Orel Regional Academy of Public Service”, Lipetsk


E’rtel’ Anatoliy Grigorievich

   c.j.s. (PhD of jurisprudence), c.e.s. (Ph.D. in Economics), Associate professor,Professor of Economics and Management department of the Adyghe State University, Maikop

Maile Aleksei Davidovich

   c.j.s. (PhD of jurisprudence, (Russia)); Doctor of law, Master of administrative sciences of German Higher School of Management (Speyer, Federal Republic of Germany).

Lapina Marina Afanas'evna

   Doctor of law, Professor, head of the Department of “Administrative and Informational Law” at Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation”; Professor at the Department of state and municipal management of International Institute of Public Administration and Management Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution “Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration”.

Sphere of scientific interests:

·   improvement of the activity of State administrative bodies;

·   legal regulation of public service;

·   administratively-procedural legal relations within the Executive power system, including administrative activity in the socio-economic sphere.

   The author of more than 140 scientific papers, including: Ensuring Environmental Security by Law Enforcement Agencies: Foreign Experience [Obespechenie ekologicheskoi bezopasnosti pravookhranitel'nymi organami: zarubezhnyi opyt] (Moscow, 2001); Implementation of Environmental Functions of the State by Bodies of Internal Affairs [Realizatsiya ekologicheskoi funktsii gosudarstva organami vnutrennikh del] (Moscow, 2002); Legal Responsibility for Environmental Offenses [Yuridicheskaya otvetstvennost' za ekologicheskie pravonarusheniya] (Moscow, 2003); State, Law and Local Self-government in Russia: Past and Present [Gosudarstvo, pravo i mestnoe samoupravlenie v Rossii: istoriya i sovremennost'] (Moscow, 2005); Current Public Administration Reform: Administrative and Legal Aspect [Sovremennaya reforma sistemy gosudarstvennogo upravleniya: administrativno-pravovoi aspekt] (Moscow, 2007);State and Public Institutes of Financial Control: Past and Present [Gosudarstvennye i obshchestvennye instituty finansovogo kontrolya: istoriya i sovremennost'] (Moscow, 2011).

   Participated in scientific research on the following topics: “Scientific and Methodological Support of Further Vocational Education of Federal Public Civil Servants in the Implementation of Presidential Decree No. 460 from April 13, 2010 “On the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and the National Anti-corruption Plan for 2010-2011”, “Methodical Recommendations for the Preparation and Execution Drafts of Normative Legal Acts in Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation and Federal Bodies of Executive Power”. 

Kizilov Viacheslav Vladimirovich

   Editor in chief of the magazine, c.j.s. (PhD of jurisprudence), Associate professor at the Department of administrative and financial law of Private Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education “Omsk Law Academy”. 

Sphere of scientific interests:

·   Administrative responsibility of public authorities’ officials;
·   Legal restriction of discretionary powers of public authorities and theirs officials;
·   Forming the Institute of public civil servants’ administrative responsibility;
·   Improvement of the procedural legislation applicable by arbitration courts in cases arising from public legal relations;
·   Creation of a legal mechanism to recover costs of justice from public bodies in disputes arising from public legal relations;
·   Improvement of the legal regulation of tax control procedures;
·   Definition of the boundaries between discretion and delict of public bodies’ officials.
·   Improving the performing mechanism of court judgment execution  against public authorities, which are debtors for executive documents;
·   Legal regulation of allowable limits of judicial errors in administrative and legal disputes;
·   Improvement the legal mechanism of regulation of the subject and limits of proof in administrative and legal disputes;
·   Determining the legal nature of administrative fines for various subjects of responsibility;
·   Improving the administrative and tort legislation: the division of the Code on Administrative Offences into two Codes, allocation of public and private subjects of administrative responsibility in the Code on Administrative Offences;
·  Creation of a mechanism to control the execution of administrative penalties;
·   The role of administrative law in the anti-corruption activities of the State.
·   Providing of patients’ rights protection;
·   Legal regulation of services in health care;
·   Turn in arbitration practice on administrative legal disputes as recognition of judicial errors in application of law norms;
·   Administrative law in the codified legislation.


Author of over 109 scientific papers, including:


1.     Administrative responsibility of organizations-taxpayers for tax offences: theory and judicial practice – Saratov: Saratov University Publishing House, 2005.
2.     In help to entrepreneurs: let’s protect taxpayer. Handbook for entrepreneurs on the issues of building relationships with tax authorities – Centre for enterprise development of SSU of N.G. CHernyshevskij, Saratov: 2005.
3.     Legal regulation of management and activity of medical institutions in Russia – Saratov:Saratov University Publishing House, 2005, (In co-authorship with S. N. Bratanovsky)
4.     Duties and responsibilities of tax authorities’ officials: an analysis of the current legislation in Russia – Saratov, Saratov University Publishing House, 2006.
5.     Unlawful acts by officials of tax authorities – Saratov, Saratov University Publishing House, 2008.
6.     Administrative responsibility of civil servants of Russia:  Prospection – Saratov, Saratov University Publishing House, 2011.
7.     Institute of administrative responsibility of Russian public civil servants: theoretical-legal research – Saratov, Saratov University Publishing House, 2012.

Articles in journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission – 20 articles;

English-language articles posted in foreign electronic journals – 22 articles.

Channov Sergej Evgen’evich 

   Doctor of law (LLD), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of service and labor law at P. A. Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration.

   Independent expert on conducting anticorruption expertise accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, (certificate No. 175 from July 07, 2009). Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Saratov regional court.

Sphere of scientific interests:

·   legal regulation of state and municipal service;

·   anti-corruption;

·   legal regulation of the organization of local self-government in the Russian·     Federation;

·   informatization of state and municipal administration;

·   Internet Law.

   The author (co-author) of more than 200 scientific and educational works, including:

   Monographs (over 40, including textbooks and study guides):

1.            Information Law of Russia. Textbook [Informatsionnoe pravo Rossii. Uchebnik]. – Moscow: Prior, 2004.

2.            Russian Labor Law. Textbook [Trudovoe pravo Rossii. Uchebnik].  Moscow: Yurist”, 2007 (in co-authorship).

3.            Municipal Law: Questions and Answers. Study guide [Munitsipal'noe pravo v voprosakh i otvetakh. Uchebnoe posobie]. Moscow: Yurist", 2008.

4.            Administrative Responsibility. Educational-practical guide [Administrativnaya otvetstvennost'. Uchebno-prakticheskoe posobie]. Moscow: Volters Kluver, 2010 (in co-authorship).

5.            Service Law of the Russian Federation. Study guide [Sluzhebnoe pravo Rossiiskoi Federatsii. Uchebnoe posobie]. Approved by Educational-Methodical Council of the Volga Federal District as a study guide for students on specialization and areas of training “Jurisprudence”, Moscow: Norma, INFRA-M, 2011 (in co-authorship).

6.            Administrative and Legal Model of Regulation of Service Relations in the Russian Federation. Conceptual Fundamentals. Monograph [Administrativno-pravovaya model' regulirovaniya sluzhebnykh otnoshenii v RF. Kontseptual'nye osnovy postroeniya. Monografiya].  Saarbrucken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012.


   Articles in journals from the list of Higher Attestation Commission – more than 40 articles;

   Legislation commentaries – 17 commentaries (in co-authorship).