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Founder and Publisher – citizen of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Kizilov

Periodicity – once a month.


Electronic version of publication is registered in the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications and Mass Communications, registration certificate el. No. FS77-48634 from February 20, 2012.

Publication is registered in ISSN International Centre.

Number of the Russian version of the journal – ISSN  2304-9197  (Online), number of the Engish version of the journal – ISSN  2304-9898  (Online).

Magazine “The Topical Issues of Public Law” (Aktual'nye voprosy publichnogo prava) has an archive of printed Russian editions on the web-site

The editorial staff aims to inclusion of the magazine into an international citation database and carries out series of activities for the passage of the application for inclusion in the database SCOPUS (Elsevier). The magazine is included in Urlich’s periodicals directory (USA). Editorial board allows authors to publish translated articles (articles in English) in electronic library of SSRN.


The Russian printed version of the magazine is a part of the Russian Science Citation Index system. The agreement on including full texts of articles published in the journal, on the basis of open access was concluded with the National Electronic Library.


Editorial staff of the magazine:

Editor-in-chief of the magazine – Kizilov V. V. c.j.s. (PhD of jurisprudence), Omsk,

Editorial staff:

Rubtsov D. V., Markar’yan A. V., Engels, Saratov region

Layout and translation into English:

Kabulin L. A., Engels, Saratov region

Tel. +7 (8453) 75-04-49

Address for correspondence:

Omsk, 79 11th Lyubinskaya st., zip-code 644073